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yale graduate student. annie lee, who was set to be married tomorrow. police say lee was last seen this past tuesday. as we said, that wedding was to be held and the family has called off the we hadding we had we're about to get an update on exactly what happened to annie lee. >> security records show thattany lee did swipe her identification card on tuesday, but there is no record of her leaving. even though there are about 75 security cameras monitoring that complex on the yale complex. >> david miller has the latest. he's been following the story from new york. david, this is not good news, we're going to hear in a couple minute, is it? >> i don't think it is. tomorrow was supposed to be her wedding. it looks like her family will be plan ago funeral. we are getting word from our affiliate in connecticut that, in fact, a body has been found in the building where annie lee was last seen alive. there are also reports that we have not been able to independently confirm from other media that bloody clothing has been found in the building. clothing that might have been concealed in pa
mentioned, saying that categorically they have not found a body in the search for 24-year-old annie lee. they did say that a number of items have been seized. they would not elaborate. they say these items could be evidence. they are being analyzed, but that none of these items, they went on to say, have yet been associated with lee. there have been reports shortly before this news conference, a number of publications saying that a body had been found, there were reports that bloody clothing had been found in the building where she was last seen and there was also a number of reports suggesting that the motive here may have been robbery. now it appears that this investigation is essentially at ground one. authorities have videotape showing her entering this medical complex. they do not have videotape of her leaving that medical complex. the question now continues, where is annie lee? is it possible she is still inside that building? authorities have brought in sniffer dogs and used blueprints. they have used a number of means to try and determine where she might be. at this hour, the on
>>> be surveillance video capturing the last known sighting of annie lee as she walks into a yale research facility. but then she vanishes without a trace in broad daylight. her cell phone, purse, money, and other personal belongings left behind. with the bride-to-be set to walk down the aisle for a dream wedding in less than 48 hours, where is 24-year-old annie lee? >> she just brings her yale i.d. card and then goes into the laboratory, and surveillance video shows her going into a laboratory and does not show her leaving. it still seems to be a mystery. >> there are search dogs going down that sidewalk right now. originally police said no sign of foul play, but now the search certainly intensifying. just moments ago they began going through the garbage behind this building, looking for any clue to the whereabouts of this yale student who disappeared days before her wedding. >> eyewitness news has learned there was a fire alarm, so that's why her belongings may have been left inside. the fbi and state police are now assisting yale. >> investigators are searching through the near
graduate student missing days before her wedding day. the very latest on the search for annie lee. >>> we begin with our top story, more heads are rolling, for acorn, the census bureau says it's calling it quits with that group. all part of the fallout from the hidden camera scandal. showing workers advising the couple posing a as a pimp and prostitute how to subvert the law, to lie. we did not shoot this videotape. it was brought to us by the film maker and yesterday, two more employees lost their jobs over that tape. on top of two firings just before over a similar under cover tape. caroline has the latest developments. did the census bureau say this voo video is the routine why they are cutting acorn loose? >> they did mention recent events, that wasn't the factor. but you have to take into account this letter came a day after the video with the pimp and prostitute came out. here is a letter from robert groves. quote it's clear their affiliation with the census promotion has caused concern and, indeed, become a distraction and may become a discouragement negatively impact go 2010 censu
only days before her wedding. she is 24 years old. annie lee who has been missing since tuesday. last seen at her laboratory at her yale school complex. her wedding was to be tomorrow and are now more hundred investigators from four law enforcement agencies are wondering what happened to annie. david lee miller has new details on a from troubling mystery. >> we're getting word that it appears that the law enforcement officials in connecticut are going to hold a news conference in a little more than an hour and 15 minutes to discuss what if any progress there has been in the case. it is significant because as best i can tell this is the first news conference that is going to be held since she disappeared on tuesday. there has been a great deal of speculation about the possibility she may have been a bride with cold feet. it now appears that is increasingly unlikely. those that know her said, she looked forward to getting married tomorrow. on her facebook page, she is quoted as having written, lucky to be in love with my best friend. also we should know note that her fiance is not consi
-out search for a missing yale university grad student. annie lee was supposed to get married this weekend. but she's not been seen since tuesday. with more on the search, here's jen maxfield, of our new york affiliate, wabc. >> reporter: police are sorting through e trash at the medical research facility at yale, digging for clues in the disappearance of student annie lee. inside the building, trained dogs are sniffing the lab for evidence. officers are handing out missing persons flyers, hoping that someone knows what happened. >> it may not be foul play. but it's kind of scary. >> reporter: the yale pharmacology student was seen on surveillance video. it's unclear whether lee exited with her colleagues. but she hasn't been seen or heard from since. her wallet, cell phone and keys were found in another research building where she left them earlier in the day. >> i just hope that she's found safely and brought home. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, lee is supposed to get married on sunday, to a grad student at columbia. as fbi agents finish their search of lee's offcampus apartment, he
the disappearance of yale grad student. her name is annie lee. she was last seen on tuesday and was supposed to get married tomorrow. now that wedding is off and the search is on for answers. fox's david lee miller is following the investigation. >> reporter: she's been missing for four days and authorities say they still have little idea about the fate of 24-year-old yale pharmacology student annie lee. speaking at a news conference for the first time since d ha her disappearance, authorities reted aunconfirmed reports her body was found in the medical complex where she was last sign alive. the authorities say the search continues and some evidence has been checked. >> i will say a body hasn't been found. >> all i will say is items that could potentially be evidence have been seized. none have yet been associated with annie lee. >> reporter: investigators examined frame-by-frame security video of lee entering the medical lab complex. she's visible entering the building, she's never seen exiting n. order to rule out any chance she might be inside, investigators have ordered up blueprints and sniffe
but their condition is not known. >>> this afternoon, police and blood hounds entered the building where annie lee lived. lee was last seen on tuesday leeing her office. friends and coworkers are stunned by the 21-year-old's disappearance. >> they loved her in the lab. great future ahead of her: so we are just praying she's just going to pop up some where and everything's okay. we're not going to look at the worse here. >> lee was excited about getting married this sunday. her purse, cell phone and credit cards were all found in her office. >>> 21 neglected dogs were discovered in a home. the dogs are now recovering at an animal shelter. while a mother and son are now facing charges. >> reporter: the dogs were suffering from malnutrition. they were flee ridden, and they had little hair left after living in filth. now terry and jeffrey are facing with animal abuse. >> i saw the animals, and it was a horrific situation. they were being abused. >> reporter: the mother and son face 21 counts of animal cruelty and 21 counts of inflicting pain on an animal. the house is being cleaned by order of the he
,000 reward for information about a missing graduate student. annie lee was last seen tuesday at her office in the school's medical office. authorities are going through the university looking for clues. a university spokesman said there continues to be no evidence of foul play. the 24-year-old was planning to be married this sunday. authorities say her fiance and family are cooperating with the investigation and they have not been contacted by lee. >>> now more on the assault case of shawn merrian.  the district office dropped the charges. >>> one dangerous section of rout 22 is the scene of another dangerous accident. the victim was a doctor who was fighting for safety improvements on that same stretch of road. >> reporter: you can see the tragic seen on rout 22 just a half mile from the doctors home. police say the driver of a van wasn't paying attention. slammed into emery. tracy herman is close friends with dr. emery. his dad was at her home waiting for her dad. >> he didn't know what happen, just that his dad had been in an accident. >> reporter: residents have been complaining abo
they believe is the body of missing yale student annie lee. the body turned up by be hind a hidden wall in the school's medical complex. >>> there is an alleged new terror tape from osama bin laden and he says president obama is powerless when it comes to stopping the wars in afghanistan and iraq. al-qaeda released the tape two days after 9-11. it shows a still picture of bin laden while the audio plays. the u.s. has not confirmed if it is bin laden on the tape. >>> it is now five minutes after 5:00 on this monday morning. there is a new twist in the drama surrounding rod blagojevich. a key figure in the case against the former illinois governor turns up dead. >>> also still ahead, one woman says her husband's cell phone is killing hint her cross- country journey to testify before congress. >>> another kanye controversy. why he was escorted out of the mtv awards last night. >>> reaction from the redskins after their fall for the giants as fox 5 morning news continues after the break. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children acces
they have seized evidence in the search for missing grad student annie lee who vanished just days before her wetting will with have before today. we are hearing reports now that investigators were at a trash in suv stater. the trash from new haven goes to hart and mae wanted to key if thissing. >> we did find that new maven police did in fact find blood. >> clothing in the building behind me where the student meant missing friday moring they are skinle that segment to determine whether or notes if affected by this base. and the in the pack there is a protective parking area. not clear what they are look for or whether they have seen anything of. >> we have seen a surveillance picture of the young 24-year-old brad student on territoriesing the building on tuesday morning but there is no video of her leaving the killing. they are continuing to closely examine the perhapses have. but in any base, police are are not saying that a wheel was midded. er this yont know what happened here jet wile are also trying to figure it out. >> aquation that appeared in the yale university medical magazine earl
at yale where annie lee went missing on teases. she used her identification card to enter the building about tuesday morning but there is no evidence of her leaving by some 75 surveillance cameras that cover the complex. >> pretty terrible. i seen her a couple times and she's a really sweet girl and goes to yale. i know people that know her rsere and she's relyalceni on. >> we're told investigats pe are now reviewing the sullrveiance tapes frame by frame to say ifr they overlook lee that maybe changed into a lab coat or other clothes before leaving. >>> a maryland woman accused of killing two adopted daughters and keeping them in a freezer for months pleaded guilty to another. they had a 17-year-old daughter wondering the neighborhood led them to find her sister's frozen remains. she faces first-degree murder charges. >>> the water shed society celebrated the 20th anniversary today. senator benjamin and chris were among those on hand for that event. the celebration started with the clean up of the river. volunteers spent part of the day removing trash and debris from the water. >>
hearts go out to the family of annie lee, her fiance. >> sources say the police found a bug -- bloody clothing behind ceiling tiles. she was discovered on the same day she was supposed to be married. her fiance is not an aspect not a suspect. >>> there are more than 600 possible cases of possible swine flu. there are reporting some forward 35 cases at the university of maryland. georgetown is reporting at least 50. most of the symptoms have been mild. >>> operating in the district since 1879, they have lost their activation -- accredation. the founder the small private college and was having money problems. the 645 students enrolled, 300 graduated last june and the others transferred. >>> still ahead, a look inside senator kennedy's memoirs. we have a check on our forecast and more on a cooling trend later this week. >>> i will break down yesterday's losses to the giants. the redskins showed some of the same old problems yesterday. wait till you hear the $100 million man and how coach zorn 6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m growing up we didn't have much, but education was always a prio
before her we haddy. annie lee was last seen tuesday morning at the lab where she works. there's no evidence she actually left the building. her percent, cell phone and credit cards were found in her office. the university says so far there's no evidence of foul play. her family and friends describe her as popular and happy. >> energetic, always smiling. they loved her in the lab. great future ahead of herself. we're just praying that she's just going to pop up somewhere and everything's okay. we're not going it look at the worst here. >> lee's sunday wedding has not been canceleded. her fiance is assisting police. >>> some good news in the battle against the h1n1 virus. researchers now say one dose of the new swine flu vaccine is enough to protect adults. scientists originally thought it would take two shots of the vaccine to protect against the virus, but u.s. and australian data shows one shot protects most people and the vaccine takes effect within eight to ten days. the vaccine is expected to be ready nest month. >>> some house democrats are calling about for disciplinary
in the disappearances of annie lee last seen tuesday at the yale lab. so far, they've heard of no evidence of foul play. >> in this morning's consumer a later, they hope a new program, gm will offer a 60 day delay. commercials directly appear to consumers who would like to try the vehicle. they can return their truck in 60 days. jane king has the story and more. we'll get a report on consumer confidence. a survey says a report will likely show confidence gaining for the first time in months. >> getting ready to cut prices on tide and pure laundry. they are planning targeted interreder vengss on the larger size tide. an attempt to boost sales as consumer >> the bloomberg maryland index has gained. >> hiring more facultiy to accommodate more students this sem he is center. >> primetime line up undergoes a major change when jay leno moves in from late night. if jay leno feels any pressure, it pales in comparison to when he first took over the show. >> this will be the first ever nightly hour of comedy on a major network. >> here, he's stepping into 9 unknown. saying there's more pressure on nbc than leno.
the wedding of a missing yale university student, annie lee, 24, who vanished from the university's medical lab, set to get married tomorrow. her purse, cell phone and credit cards were found in the office at the lab. now more than 100 investigators and the f.b.i. are searching for clues to her disappearance. yale is offering a $10,000 reward for information. police are revealing new details about the killing of pro life demonstrator james hulian, shot dead outside a high school while he was protesting abortion. harlan drake is charged with his murder. drake shot and killed another man and police believe he would have killed another if they hadn't killed him. >> we now have a manufacturing czar. meet ron bloom. he's got strong union ties and the president thinks he's the man to bring more factory jobs back to america. he's a former union official. as a banker, he represented many unions. he was the auto czar helping out the unions with g.m. and chrysler. is he the right man to create manufacturing job? >> well, remember, these are good manufacturing jobs. good means union. if you look at th
of a building where annie lee was last seen. surveillance video shows her entering the medical lab or she works wednesday morning. police and fbi agents have been scouring the campus since she finished. they are presuming the body is her, although she has not been identified. >> we now have a large amount of physical evidence at the scene. we're not releasing a permission at this time because of an ongoing homicide case. >> police say that the body was hidden inside a wall in an area that holds utility cables running between floors. she was supposed to be married today. for a second day, protesters gathered in the streets of the sea. today they made their voices heard in support of president obama's planned to oberstar -- overall health care. we have more on the debate is heating up. >> an extraordinary weekend here in washington. saturday, those opposed to a public option came out, thousands and thousands of them, to bash the president's plan. today, counter protestors were here on capitol hill and a narrative that has yet to be written completely by congress. >> we are in severe crisis. >> it
towards foul play. the fbi will not confirm what they found is linked to annie lee. lee, of course, disappeared inside a yale lab building five days ago and police don't believe she ever left that building. investigators have also started centraling a landfill where trash from the lab is dumped. webeil wht rl k. bigac >>> bob mcdonald says it was here pi a slip of the tongue but others aren't show sure. the virginia's republican gushl candidate can be heard cursing in a radio interview. people have been blogging and talking about it all weekend. derrick ward on whether all the hype is much ado about nothing. >> it came as virginia's gubernatorial candidate, bob mcdonald was be queried about transportation funding in northern virginia on the wvot politics program. >> no taxes will be raced during your four did she year term? >> i'll find other ways to outline them. i've tlinbled [eep] [ -- >> did the.uare sq wre the written statement thre ads, quote -- it was antu unfornate stumble over thenfor wds and bo mcdonald apologizes for the mistake. anyone that spends time around bob knows
cancelling the wedding of a missing yale university graduate student, 24-year-old annie lee disappeared wednesday and she was set to get married tomorrow. yale university offering a $10,000 reward for any information. i'm jamie colby. join me on america's news headquarters for these an other other developing stories. "cashin' in" returns now. >> you know how much of that nearly $800 billion stimulus has actually been paid out so far? less than $100 billion and john layfield says forget spending the rest of it to stimulate the economy. instead, give small businesses a huge tax cut with it. why do you say that, john? >> we haven't stimulated anything. we proposed or spent more money than this entire country's 220-year plus history an lost over 2 million jobs this year. give this to small businesses. small businesses an tax cuts. they employ over 50% of in the country. they lift people out of recessions. i'm a small business owner. i have been buying trucks, building websites, hiring people all year long. our government needs to give tax cuts to get these small businesses started. help out
for annie lee boyd -- annie leibovitz ended without any word from either party. she was sued in july claiming she breached an agreement to authorize it to act as an agent in the sale of her photography as well as real estate. >>> also overnight, this is a picture of "new york times" reporter steven farrell. he's a free man this morning after british commandos saved him. western military officials in afghanistan say a british commando was killed during a raid in the northern province, in the area where farrell was taken, a translator as well. they were held hostage by the taliban and militants saturday. "the new york times" reports that his afghan translator was also killed in wednesday's morning's raid. >>> 6:02. signs and bumps and traps not enough to slow you down. >> so baltimore county is putting up speed cameras to enforce the speed limit. sherrie johnson live with the lively debate from the council. >> reporter: pretty soon there will be speed cameras in baltimore county in school zones like this one at rogers forge elementary school. authorities are trying to protect children
. the flis in new haven connecticut believe they found the body of annie lee. we're told the remains were found around 5:00 this afternoon inside a wall inside the research lab where annie lee was last seen tuesday. surveillance video showed her arriving. that's the picture you see right there. but police have been baffled since the ininvestigation began because despite 75 surveillance cameras there were no video of her leaving the building. the police are treatinghis as a murder investigation. the 24-year-old was supposed to get married today. >>> a little boy was found around 4:00 this afternoon in his own frontyard and he was found drowned in the family's -- darcy spencer will explain. sto oryn h a srynow ho. >> 13-month-old jack long died tragically. authorities say the toddler drowned here in a fountain in the yard of his family's home around 4:00 in the afternoon. it's where hisheat fre and frier are gathering to remember the little boy who was described as being extremely smart. >> police are trying to determine at this point, the exact circumstances of how he wound up there. the b
student. >> that's right, 24-year-old annie lee was supposed to be married this coming sunday, but she hasn't been seen since a surveillance camera recorded her walking into a research lab on tuesday morning. police have questioned her fiance. they say there is not a worry about his involvement in this case. in fact, he is assisting in the search, and lee's friends fear this is not just a case of a runaway bride. we'll get the latest in just a couple of minutes. >>> and an unusual sight, at least 12 great white sharks have been spotted near popular beaches on cape cod, massachusetts. the largest weighing 2,000 pounds. we'll meet one of the sthss trying to track the sharks down in a bit. >>> also a story shaking up the world of track and field. a south african runner who's been tested to determine if she is, in fact, a woman. questions were raised after 18-year-old caster semenya recently won a world title. this morning those test results are reportedly in. we'll get the latest on that just ahead. >>> but we'll begin with fallout from president obama's address on health care reform and
missing, annie lee disappeared tuesday from her lab, a case of a run away bride or is it a case of a runaway bride or something worse? david lee miller has been following the story and has the latest. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, brian. you know, no matter what the cause here, it appears 24-year-old student annie lee bennett disappeared without leaving behind a clue and 100 law enforcement personnel from local, state and federal agencies have been searching around the clock for her and investigators examined frame by frame security camera video located in and around the building, where she was last seen and while they did find video showing lee entering a yale medical student lab on tuesday, investigators have not been able to find any recording of her leaving that same building. and in order to rule out any chance that she might be somewhere in the tom plex investigators have ordered a blueprint and used bloodhounds in their search and what authorities have found in lee's office, is her purse, cell phone, credit card and money. authorities have questioned a yale professor, wh
image from a camera of annie lee entering the building on tuesday morning and now are going back over all of the videotapes, frame by frame, to see if they can spot another image of her perhaps leaving and maybe put on a lab coat and walked out. they are looking at that. while they continue to examine the evidence, but the headline is they did in fact find bloody clothing in the building, in the area where this woman was last seen, and the 24-year-old grad student and now the question is, do those bloody clothes belong to annie le, jamie. >> jamie: you said they are not saying there is a connection but before i let you go, can i ask if this investigation extends beyond this building? because at first with 100 different officers, four law enforcement agencies on it, they said pretty much they were focused on the inside of the building. has it extended? >> reporter: well, certainly it has, and you have the fbi and connecticut state police and new haven police and the yale police department and certainly they are tracking the cam pus and looking into this woman's associates and spoke wit
it could be the key to finding out what happened to annie lee. >>> hey there. you're watching hln. thank you for having us over. i'm virginia cha. a 20-year-old college student in new york died of complications from swine flu. cornell university says the economics and management student died in a hospital yesterday. the university also says the student was among 520 diagnosed with flulike symptoms in the past three weeks. campus health officials are advising students with flulike symptoms to stay in their rooms and at least six feet away from others until they go 24 hours without a fever. >>> the swine flu virus reached all 50 states and d.c. health officials say children and young adults make up most of the patients. but a widespread vaccination is expected to reduce the spread. 45 million initial doses are expected in about a month. >> the news about the one dose in adult trials is important because it not only has consequences for our overall h1n1 vaccine supply but impact the supply around the world. the vaccine that we have purchased will go further and help us cover more people. >>
been seized. none have yet been associated with annie lee. >> the case of a missing yale graduate student has baffled investigators. on the day she was supposed to be married disturbing questions linger. >>> chips? check. drinks, check. let the games begin. the race for super bowl xliv in florida starts today with week one of the nfl season. hey there. thanks for having us over on this sunday. this is hln. i'm virginia cha. the nas's capital has heard from the tea party express. tens of thousands of supporters of the conservative advocacy group marched in washington yesterday protesting health care reform. higher taxes and what they say is out-of-control government spending. members of the group chanted slogans and carried posters that depicted president obama as a nazi for one, and as an african witch doctor. >> we are americans first. we are not republicans, we are republicans, democrats, independents, who finally decided enough is enough. >> now that the tea party express has finished its cross country trip, some are questioning the motives of the protesters and what they accom
young graduate student, annie lee. if there's anymore, she disappeared on the day she was supposed to be married. >> acorn, fox news, not nice words to say about this channel, we'll tell you coming up. >> what started with a foot fault ended with a verbal assault. watch this. >> i didn't play-- wow, and that is mild compared to what happened earlier. serena williams serving up the most memorable ending to a u.s. open match in at least my lifetime for the wrong reasons. our slogan this morning comes from tom young of st. oliver's vermont. i can't watch the network news it seems to fizzle, i like fox and friends because it always sizzles. >> like bacon. >> i'll take a bag of donuts and you better be watching "fox & friends," we know where you live. >> veto. >> good to threaten the audience. good morning, hi everybody, thanks for joining us, so much to talk about. >> and the face behind that voice, take a shot of it, there's veto. hey, veto. >> very scary. >> it's scary isn't it. >> on the show this morning, a banni banningup show for you, a new study out how handwriting is dead, a lo
the bloodhound to look for a scent of the missing yale student. >> ironically the missing girl, annie lee had just written this article, crime and safety in new haven in the yale university magazine. clark, what was she saying on facebook? what's the latest posting? >> on her facebook page as recently as sunday, she was counting down the days till her wedding and saying she was so excited. there multiple posts to that affect. >> give me her description. >> she was a small girl. 4 foot 11, 90 pounds and the last time she was seen was surveillance going into the lab. a knee-length brown skirt and bright green short sleeved shirt. brown shoes and a brown necklace. >> she so many risk factors for being a victim of kidnap and sexual assault. she was small and vulnerable and walked the same route every day. she was on a college campus where women are so vulnerable. she was 24 years old. women between 20 and 24 are at the greatest risk of stalking and because she was about to get married, someone might have been extremely jealous. >> let's stop and remember marine sergeant ryan lane. dreamed of serv
student annie lee focused on an incinerator used to process trash in the new haven connecticut area. >> i feel bad. i hope they find her. >> after finding bloody growthing in the ceiling tiles of the lab where she was last seen. >> items potentially could be evidence have been ceased. none have been associated with annie le. >> surveillance captured her entering the lab building at 10 in the morning on tuesday. after pouring over surveillance tapes from 70 cameras covering the building there's nothing to indicate she walked out on her own accord. looking at every potential scenario police were seen searching the crr crash facility this afternoon. after investigators wearing hazmat suits plowed through piles of crash and cadaver dogs sifted through the site. >> until anything is associated with annie le i will not speculate. >> they are insisting on following the trail of any trash that came out of the building that leigh was last seen -- le last seen. >> we are not going to say whether it is a missing case or criminality is involved. >> they have urged the public not to jump to conclusion
have been associated with annie lee. >> she left behind her purse, cell phone, credit cards and money. university is offering a $10,000 reward for information about her disappearance. >>> time for a look at stories making headlines around the world. hundreds of prisoners being held by the u.s. military in afghanistan could be getting a helping hand. according to reports, the obama administration is preparing new rules, giving prisoners the right to challenge their detention. under the rules, hundreds of prisoners at the bosra air ba could gather witnesses and call evidence on their behalf, similar to what is used on guantanamo bay. >>> a fire in a drug treatment center in kazakhstan spreading to 7,000 square feet and dozens of people were evacuated. death by fire in that region are common due to violations. >>> north korea could be on the verge of another nuclear test. kim yong ill said get ready for another test. he'ssources say the tests could happen next sunday. >>> the man throwing his shoe at president bush is expected to be released tomorrow. he is being released for good behavi
grad student annie lee. >> i've red you your rights downstairs earlier in the presence of your attorneys. >> police refer to it as work and it's pretty rare that they strangle your co-worker to death and the governor of kentucky. and outside the own home and that there is so many complaints and the brother of and as you can and the order of the and tell them what you tell them about. let's stop and thank captain for his line in the darkness. and if a bone marrow donor that dreamed of moving to california and becoming an actor. thapgs to our guest and tonight an award winning hollywood superstar and victoria, from beyond the reckless, her daughter olivia and adoption and best-selling author of the women who raised me. >> and thanks to our beloved shannon. for going across the hall to court tv. everyone, i'll see you.
of annie lee entering a yale research lab on tuesday morning. she hasn't been seen since and today, investigators feared the worse, combing through arby dumpsters for any clue or any sign of whereabouts. >> and first, i was really shocked. naturally then, came to the point they am like how can this be and i was actually really scared and not too extremely sad about -- for her, because it's a very weird situation she's been missing. >> she was preparing to get married this weekend. there are no signs of her or her fiance at her lawrence street apartment. >> at first, we thought okay, maybe she ran away from the wedding, and then 48 hours, it's more than 48 hours and nobody's seen her after that and it's kind of scary now. >> reporter: the fbi was brought in and canine units worked the perimeter of the building she was last spotted in. investigators looking into whether her research may have played a role in her disappearance. >> she's a graduate student in farmer -- from ecology department and so she's basically doing some mouse work to do some research to use the animals. >> report
gone missing just days before her wedding. annie lee is a doctoral student at yale. she was last seen tuesday at her laboratory, where all of her personal belongings were found. investigators are reviewing images from closed-circuit cameras. >>> the homicide investigation linked to the california wildfires is growing. the sheriff's department has added more detectives to the case and is offering a reward. so far, this has destroyed more than 250 square miles. two firefighters died while battling the blaze. immediately making the arson investigation a double-homicide case. >>> the tough economic times have taken their toll on a new york restaurant landmark. it has filed for bankruptcy protection. it comes just months before it is supposed to hand over its license another operator. the original building once housed sheep. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch. the nation could save billions of dollars if americans could cut down on their salt intake. healthwatch reporter kellye lynn is here with details. >> reporter: according to a new study, less salt would mean fewer cases of high
searching this area. annie lee works on cedar street and comes here to the lab. police have been using their dogs to go up and down the streets to look for the scent of the missing yale student. >> ironically, she had just written this article, "crime and safety." clark, what was she saying on her facebook? >> on her page as recently as sunday, she was counting down the days to her wedding. >> ann, give me her description. >> she was a small little girl, 4' 11" tall. 90 pounds. last time she was seen, a knee-length green skirt, brown shoes and necklace. >> she had so many risk factors for being a victim. she was small and vulnerable. she walked the same route every single day. she was on a college campus. she was 24 years old. women between 20 and 24 are at the greatest risk of stalking and because she was about to get married, was someone stalking and extremely jealous. >>> let's stop and remember marine sergeant ryan. on the second tour, dreamed of serving in the marines since high school like his father. dreamed of building his life with his wife. leaves behind his parents, brothers
authorities in connecticut have not identified the body as annie lee, but they say they presume it is her. police say they have contacted her family and have assumed corol of the investigation. it's now being treated as a homicide. state police found the body about 5:00 this evening in an area of the building that houses utility cables that run between floors. we are working to bring you more information on the story. a full report in just minutes. sara, over to you. >>> another big story at 10:00, shattered glass marks te spot where bullets pierced right through a woman's d.c. home. just outside, three people shot. now, we have learned a 16-year- old boy died in that gunfire. the violence comes as a battle rages overall hands on deck, a d.c. police department initiative, meant to prevent crimes like this one. matt is live with the story. >> reporter: this weekend has been a rough one when it omes to violent crime in the district. two people were killed, a total of four shot. although that was not an all hands on deck weekend, when there is one of those operations in place, we're told cri
in connecticut are looking for a missing yale grad student. 24-year-old, annie lee has not been seen since tuesday. she planned to get married on sunday. her purse, her cell phone and keys were left in her office. a classmate says lee is energetic and conscious and she was excited about getting married. >>> paul is out, allen is -- paula is out, ellen is in. she'll be the forth american idol judge. now, degenerous admits she lacks formal music training but says she's got a passion for tune. the next season of amer pr iersin january. idol premiers in january. s > and, meer are chatting about the id ol switch. join in sidisc goto click on the discussion's tab and scroll down to as seen on nine new mouse. >>> chaos and cancellations. that's the headline from the proposed michael jackson global tribute concert. jermaine jackson is now having trouble making good on the acts he promised for the september 26 gig. two of the supposed headliners, mary j.blige says she's out. natalie cole says she's iffy if she'll be a part of it too. >>> featuring the proposals for al
is in disbelief that something like this could happen. >> reporter: but did it happen. annie lee, 24 years old and pursuing a doctorate at yale university school of medicine was last seen tuesday morning outside a research facility. this snapshot from the building security camera shows lee entering but no one ever saw her leave. >> she left her pocketbook, her cell phone, everything in the lab. >> reporter: evidence and perhaps clues that lee, who is just 4'11" and 90 pounds may have met foul play. lee disappeared five days before her wedding. she was supposed to marry a graduate student this sunday. her family has reportedly canceled the wedding. authorities say her fiance is not a suspect and is helping in the search. dogs were brought in again tonight to search the building where lee disappeared. and as campus police, local law enforcement and the fbi look for lee, colleagues and classmates paint a picture of an energetic scholar known for her smile and laugh. >> she was just a very, very cool person, very down to earth. you know, always willing to help someone out. >> focused, disciplined,
, and yale university police are asking for your help to find her. 24-year-old annie lee disappeared tuesday. friends say she planned to get married this sunday. she was last seen heading to a pharmacology lab on campus. her friends and co-workers say they are worried because she is so conscientious. >> she left her pocketbook, her cell phone, everything in the lab. she didn't go home last night. her fiance -- she is getting married sunday, her fiance hasn't heard from her, so everybody is pretty worried, pretty scared. >> a lot of good friends. a wonderful fiance, she is going to marry him sunday. yeah. we all love her a lot. >> here's the description for you now. she is brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, 4'11", 90 pounds. there is the picture. she is a third-year medical student. and be sure to tune into "nancy grace" want to at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern for the latest on this investigation. >>> that berkeley cop whose persists led to the rescue of jaycee dugard has been honored. ally jacobs got a key to the city of brentwood. jaycee dugard was held captive for 18 years. the officer
. >> police arrested a lab technician for the killing of a yale grad student annie lee. raymond clark's bail was set at $3 million. >> i've read you your rights downstairs earlier in the presence of your attorneys. >> police refer to it as work place violence. i don't know what that means because it's pretty rare that you manually strangle your 90-pound co-worker to death and stuff her body in the wall. >>> a former candidate for governor of kentucky has been arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-fiancee. steve nun's ex-girlfriend amanda ross was found shot to deathout side her own home. >> i'm stunned that there have been so many complaints by her about this suspect, and it reeks. it reeks of political favoritism and now she's dead. >> missing girl haleigh cummings. the baby-sitter has been arrested for theft. tommy croslin was arrested tuesday accused of stealing a neighbor's handgun. >> do you believe this argument over a pistol morad to get him to try to talk about haley's disappearance. >> they wanted anyone to tell them what they know about misty, about anything related to the crime,
graduate student is expanding. 24-year-old annie lee disappeared tuesday. she was last seen in her lab. her purse, cell phone, credit cards and money were all in her office. today investigators dugged through nearby dumpsters looking for any sign of lee. they're also reviewing tapes from about 75 different surveillance cameras. they were supposed to get married sunday. >>> what doou say to the redskins to get them going before the season open senator we find out from jim zorn next. >>> first it was on and everyone was dropping out. tonight the jackson memorial tribute is off, at least for now. >>> and you know about the radiation but your cell phone could be posing a much more obvious health danger. we' be back. bacon and cheese angus third pounder. before taking it on, one must study it first. rushing in unprepared may prove overwhelming... with all that juicy, 100% angus beef. there! you found a point of entry! the bacon beckons like a springboard to paradise. one small bite for man... etcetera, etcetera. angus axiom number 11: bring on the bacon. the astonishing new angus third pounders.
days before her wedding. 24-year-old annie lee is supposed to get married sunday. she was last seen in her lab tuesday. her purse, cell phone, credit cards and money were all in her office. detectives say she hasn't contacted her family or friends. police are using search dogs and reviewing security camera footage. officers say right now there is no evidce of foul play. >>> well, she got the gig just 24 hours ago and tonight we are going one on one with idol's newest judge. feldy, what's going on with you? >> arrack poe getting ready for his -- -- rack poe is getting forward his first game. >>> another accident involving metro. a worker hurt on the tracks. now we're learning metro has a theory of how it happened. >>> a big change at one ever the local airports -- one of the local airports. >>> some storms rolling into the area tonight. as for your morning commute, sue is going to tell what you to expect on the other side.  you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated? nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated? shipping. shipp
are searching for a yale medical student who was supposed to get married this weekend. annie lee was last seen on security video entering a building in new haven. her cell phone, credit cards and money were found inside her office. yale spokesperson says her fiance has arrived into town to see if he can help in the search for her. >>> more layoffs are coming to gm, needing to slash 1 now white collar employees, according to detroit news. this is part of the automakers plan to cut 6,000 salary jobs by the end of the year. layoffs will come mostly in southeastern michigan. the cut also most likely be completed by october and already michigan has double-digit unemployment there. >>> health officials are urging americans to take personal responsibility when it comes to staying safe from swine flu. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius stressed that this morning. >> today's message is to get the seasonal flu shot, make sure that we except up the vks nation rate and make sure that people take some individual responsibility to stay healthy during the flu season. >> health officials sa
from her since tuesday. annie lee who is in medical school was last seen at her lab. her purse, her cell phone, money, credit cards all left behind. >>> the suspect in the shooting death of an iowa high school football coach is in court today. mark becker is charged with first-degree murder in the june killing of ed thomas. becker once played football for thomas. the question now, is he competent to stand trial? police say days before the shooting, becker led them on a high-speed chase and was arrested and order to a psych ward. well, he was released from custody at some point before that shooting. >>> on the jobless front, some better-than-expected numbers. the new unemployment claims dropped to 550,000 last week and continuing claims fell by almost 160,000, the lowest level since april. >>> more from the "cnn newsroom" straight ahead. whether i'm at the batting cages... down by the lake or... fishing at the shore. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd, which includes chronic bronchitis a
university graduate student. campus police say 24-year-old annie lee disappeared tuesday. family, coworkers, and friends haven't seen or heard from her since then. lee is described as an asian woman with brown hair, brown eyes, who stands 4'11" tall. lee is planning to get married on sunday. >>> a man authorities say hijacked an aeromexico jet liner claims he did it because of the date, 9/9/09. officials say the 44-year-old man took the -- hijacked the plane in mexico city because 9/9/9 held some significance for him. the hijacker threatened to blow up the plane unless he was allowed to speak with mexico's president. police arrested the hijacker when the plane landed in mexico city. no one was hurt. >>> a nato commando operation to rescue a kidnapped "new york times" reporter has angered some local journalists. taliban militants kidnapped steven ferrell in kundus province last week. the afghan journalist was shot to death during the mission and his body left behind. the media club of afghanistan called nato's actions, quote, reckless. >>> cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta h
week. the body was discovered inside the wall of a campus building where annie lee was last scene on tuesday just days before her planned wedding. so far, police have not revealed any suspects. just an awful story. >>> meanwhile, house democrats say they plan to introduce a resolution of disapproval for south carolina republican joe wilson. you lie. they'll push the he resolution this week unless the congressman apologizes on the house floor for calling president obama a liar during his address to congress last week. wilson says he's already made amends with the white house. >> i am not going to apologize again. i apologized to the president on wednesday night. i was advised then that thank you. now let's get on to a civil discussion of the issues. but i've apologized one time. the apology was accepted by the president, by the vice president, who i know. i am not apologizing again. >> he's not apologizing again. >>> and roger federer is in his sixth straight -- watch the shot between the legs, boom. in his sixth straight u.s. open final. he punctuated his semifinal win on sunday w
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